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Company Profile

Specialize in Manufacturing Air Compressors

ZHEJIANG KITO TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD manufactures a wide selection of air compressors designed for a broad range of applications. Founded in 2003, KITO has grown into a highly experienced and successful enterprise. Our main line of products cover six series, including our portable oil free air compressor, direct drive air compressor, belt drive air compressor, high pressure air compressor, gasoline air compressor and rotary screw air compressor. These air compressors are versatile units, as you will find them used for applications in petroleum processing, shoe making, automobile repair, and even food processing. 85% of the accessories used in our compressors are produced in-house, greatly reducing operating costs and improving quality control. Our products are certified by the ISO9001 quality management system and have also been certified by CE, CCC, GS, ROHS, INMETRO and etc. KITO compressors are sold in more than 80 countries and regions around the world.

Why choose KITO

  • Accessories self-productivity
    reaches 85%

  • ISO9001 quality management
    system certification

  • Exported to more than 80 countries
    and regions around the world

Production Strength

85% of the air compressor components are produced in-house. This guarantees the quality, timely supply of replacement parts, and product delivery, as well as a reduction in purchase price. Our automatic production lines are made up of high precision equipment. The welding seams of the tanks of the compressors are completely filled without undercuts or burrs, thanks to minimal spatter during the welding process. The motors used in all of our air compressors run normally even when the voltage fluctuation is within plus-minus 25%. And the motors operate with low noise, smooth temperature increases, and feature a long service life.

KITO provides a full range of air compressors to meet the requirements of different industries and applications. We can also customize non-standard air compressors according to customer demands.

With more than 15 years of production experience, KITO is located in Zhejiang, China. We have a well-developed manufacturing supply chain with significant integration advantages. Our factory is situated near Ningbo Port, Yangshan Port and other ports. And there are many highways passing through, facilitating many logistical benefits.

Quality Inspection

During production, our air compressors undergo six testing processes, including raw materials inspection, motor performance testing, inner welding quality inspection of vessel, pressurized leakage testing of the vessel, machine leakage testing and machine performance testing to ensure product quality.

Other advantages

The vessel adopts a fully automatic production process and uses robot welding;

A number of quality inspections throughout the production process to ensure the pass rate of the products.

Set up brand image stores and after-sales service points in many countries to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales service.

Homemade motor can still start normally when the voltage fluctuation is within 25%

85% of the product accessories are produced by our company, such as: vessel, motor, crankcase, air hood, bracket, etc.

The machine is complete in variety and customized according to customer needs.

Close to the port, convenient transportation, and developed accessories supply chain.

30 years of production experience, responsible to customers, responsible to users. In the Middle East and Central Asia, for example, the coverage rate of self-owned brand has reached 80%. In Uzbekistan, Libya, Iraq, Germany, Brasil, Mexico, Turkmenistan and other countries, New Zealand brand image stores have been established, and after-sales service station have been set up to provide timely consultation and after-sales solutions for users. It has won the trust of customers and greatly increased the market share of the company's products.

We have established brand stores and after-sales service sites in many countries. Taking the Middle East and Central Asia for example, the coverage of self-owned brand reaches 80%. We have also established KITO brand stores in Uzbekistan, Libya, Iraq, Germany, Brasil, Mexico, Turkmenistan and other countries to provide customers with timely consultations and after-sales solutions.

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